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A highly accurate, thoroughly revised  version of the Wikipedia page on Auden was first posted in 2007 (follow the link near the top of the home page of this site).  This site strongly recommends that online researchers make reference to this specific archived version of the page rather than to more recent versions, which may be less accurate or may be subject to vandalism.

The following is a highly selective list of web sites with information about Auden and critical studies available only on-line.

The Academy of American Poets, whose site includes dozens of pages about poets, has some carefully prepared pages about Auden. These include a brief essay about his work and authorized and accurate texts of a number of his poems. The site includes a recording of Auden reading "On the Circuit." (To hear the recording, you must have the RealAudio player on your system; it may be downloaded from the RealAudio web site.)

W. H. Auden at Swarthmore includes an extensive sample of manuscripts and other documents from the Auden collection at the Swarthmore College Library.

Kindred Britain, compiled by Nicholas Jenkins, is a genealogical database that began as a database of Auden's family. It still reveals hitherto unknown insights into Auden's connections with English history and society. Nicholas Jenkins' commentary on the site is an essential introduction.

The New York Times Books pages include a full recording of Auden's reading at the 92nd Street YM-YWHA's Poetry Center, 27 March 1972. (To hear the recording, you must have the RealAudio player on your system; it may be downloaded from the RealAudio web site.)

Auden's review of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Rings and his review of The Two Towers are posted on the web site of The New York Times (one-time registration may be required).

BBC: Historic Figures includes a not especially accurate page on Auden.

Auden's Poem is Drawing New Attention, by Peter Steinfels, is a thoughtful essay on "September 1, 1939," written for the "Beliefs" column of The New York Times.

The Auden Museum in Kirchstetten is the study of Auden's former house in Austria, where he summered from 1958 through 1973. Travel directions have been posted on the Internet by the Austrian government. (Note: This link no longer functions, but a search for "Audenhaus" on the Internet will produce similar results; also see this Kirchstetten web site and search the tourist information for "Audenhaus.")

Auden in the North, by Alan Myers, is an extensive essay on Auden's love for the Pennines, with detailed notes on Auden's reading and writing, and illustrations of scenes and structures mentioned in Auden's poems. (The link leads to an archived version of this now-deleted page.)

W. H. Auden Walk - Rookhope, Weardale includes photographs of Auden's sacred landscape from his childhood.

A genealogy of Constance Rosalie Bicknell Auden (W. H. Auden's mother) may be traced at a site devoted to the Bicknell family. (The link leads to the index of persons; work down to Constance Rosalie Bicknell by following the links on the index page.) Many names from Auden's early works may be found in this genealogy: among them Robert Bicknell from The Chase, Culley from Paid on Both Sides, and many aunts with the name Mildred from The Dog Beneath the Skin.

Information on library archives with extensive Auden material may be found at the UK National Register of Archives; one noteworthy collection is at the Edinburgh University Library.

A set of photographs of Auden in Berlin, c. 1966, may be found on the web site of Mark B. Anstendig.

Two photographs of Auden's grave may be found on a site devoted to such things.

Sites that have nothing whatever to do with W. H. Auden include Auden Technology Mfg Co Ltd in Taiwan (their motto: "Persisting in Technology"), Audens Telecommunications in Germany, and Auden Refrigeração in Brazil, makers of Auden Refrigerators. The Canadian firm Glen Auden Resources Ltd has, unfortunately, changed its name to Hemlo Gold Mines Inc. - Maple Minerals Inc.

Auden seems to have inspired the choice of at least one pseudonym. Renée Auden was the name used by the writer Uta West when she worked as a pin-up model (as seen on the cover of Famous Models, September-October 1950) and as the author of two erotic novels, The Party and High Thrust; in later years she wrote and edited feminist books under (apparently) her own name, including If Love Is the Answer, What Is the Question?

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