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The Society is governed by its Constitution, which was ratified in May 2004. The Society is listed with the Charity Commission for England and Wales as Registered Charity No. 1104496.

Members of the W. H. Auden Society are sent its publications, which at present consist of a semi-annual Newsletter containing essays, reviews, announcements, notes and queries about W. H. Auden and his work. Publishers and theatres sometimes offer members of the Society slight discounts on books and performances. The term of membership is one year. Fees are as follows:

Individual members (Newsletter available on-line):  £ 9 $ 15 € 15  
Student members (Newsletter available on-line):   £ 5 $ 8 € 8  
Institutions (and anyone who wants the Newsletter on paper): £ 18 $ 30 € 30  

A note about the Newsletter: Starting with issue 33, the Newsletter has been distributed to members on-line through a password-protected page. Institutional members will continue to receive paper copies of the Newsletter; individual members who also wish to receive paper copies of the Newsletter may join or renew their memberships at the Institutional rate listed above.

The W. H. Auden Society is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, and is registered as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of New York. Membership fees are used to cover some of the costs of printing and mailing the society's Newsletter; they are not used to pay the costs of this web site, which is supported entirely by contributions from officers of the society and other voluntary contributions.

Privacy policy: The Society never distributes, sells, publishes, rents, circulates, shares, gives away, or otherwise reveals its membership list, nor does it reveal any information to anyone or any organization about its members. The Society does not want your telephone number or fax number. The Society never sends unsolicited faxes, and never makes unsolicited telephone calls.

Join the Society on-line

Persons anywhere in the world, using any currency (euros, sterling, dollars, etc.), may use a credit card to open or renew a membership online by clicking one of links below to the widely-used PayPal transaction service. (If you order from outside the United States, your credit card will be billed by PayPal in your own currency, but the Society will receive the fee in dollars.) If you want to receive the Newsletter on paper, instead of online, please choose an "Institutional membership" and please read the important note below the links before you send payment!

Individual membership (US$15 or equivalent) (Newsletter available on-line only!)

Student membership (US$8 or equivalent) (Newsletter available on-line only!)

Institutional membership (also for anyone who wants paper copies of the Newsletter) (US$30 or equivalent) Please see the very important note in the next paragraph!

Very important note: The person who handles subscriptions is sometimes away from e-mail, so you may need to wait from one to three days before receiving the password to Newsletter page. Please be patient! Please do not waste your valuable time sending angry e-mails demanding to know why you did not receive an immediate response! Your angry e-mail will reach the responsible person at the same time that the e-mail notification of your payment arrives, so nothing will be accomplished by sending it.

If you choose to order the Newsletter on paper through an "Institutional membership," please read this very important note: please, please, please, when you reach the "Review your payment" screen during the payment process, please remember to click on "Add special instructions to merchant" (this link appears in the middle-left section of the page) and type your mailing address into the box that appears when you click. If you neglect to type your address into that box, we will not receive your postal address, and we will not be able to send you the Newsletter on paper! (If you do not already have a PayPal account, PayPal will ask for your address in order to confirm your credit card, but PayPal will not send us your credit-card billing address; it will only send us your address if you type it in to the box that appears when you click "Add special instructions to merchant". Again, please remember to type your address into the box that appears when you click "Add special instructions to the merchant" box so that we can send you the Newsletter! If you neglect to send us your postal address, we will not be able to send you the newsletter! Please do not forget to type in your postal address as "special instructions to the merchant"!

Other ways to join the society

Membership fees by direct debit (UK): The Society encourages those members who pay in sterling to set up a standing order. You may write to your bank instructing them of the details as follows:

Please pay 9 [for institutions: 18] to The W. H. Auden Society annually until further notice. 
Account Name: The WH Auden Society
Account Number: 00210420
Sort code: 56-00-17

Join the Society by mail: You may also send requests for membership (and for a receipt if desired), with a cheque in UK pounds sterling (not any other currency, please!), to:

The W. H. Auden Society
78 Clarendon Road
London W11 2HW

The officers and founding members of the society are listed on a separate page. A note on some e-mails received by society also appears on a separate page.

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