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E-mail Messages from Arlyne Krum

This page provides information that may be of interest to other literary societies and organizations in the event that they receive messages similar to the ones quoted below, which were sent by Arlyne Krum to the W. H. Auden Society in 2004. If the officers of any organization that may receive similar messages should be in any doubt as to how to respond to them, the information on this page may perhaps be helpful. 

This is the text of the first message that the W. H. Auden Society received from Arlyne Krum:

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 11:23:39 EDT
Subject: Re - Receipt of my newsletter

I joined the society, in good faith, last Spring...paid the 
full amount for the year....was assured it would be pro-rated 
since I went to one meeting...the last of the season...and I 
have received no information for this season.   It is now the 
end of October.

Please tell me why.

Arlyne Krum
The Society responded that she must be mistaken because (1) the Society has never held any meetings at all, so she could not have attended one last Spring, and (2) the Society keeps very careful records, and had no record of any payment from her. Arlyne Krum replied with this message:
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 18:04:04 EDT
Subject: Re: Re - Receipt of my newsletter

My apologies.   Thank you for your most polite response.

Arlyne Krum

Some days later, another message arrived from Arlyne Krum:

Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 16:20:35 EST
Subject: Re -- Arlyne Krum membership and newsletter

I spoke with someone more than one week ago and he was to have
sent me, by snail mail, my membership card and the newsletter.
I am extremely annoyed that I have paid for a memberhship and
not only have I received nothing....but now someone told me that
they would send me my card and the letter and I haven't received 

I want my memberhsip pro-rated because I have received no 
benefits from it. Please call me at [TELEPHONE NUMBER REMOVED].

Mail everything to 

Arlyne Krum

I find your behavior and attitude very insulting and annoying.

The Society responded that the events described in this message could not possibly have occurred because (1) the Society does not issue membership cards and no one from the Society could have offered to send one, and (2) Arlyne Krum could have not have spoken to anyone at the Society by telephone because the Society does not have a telephone number. We advised Ms. Krum to consult with her lawyer before sending further messages of this kind, because her lawyer might advise her against doing so.

Some days later, Arlyne Krum responded with this message:

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 15:12:01 EST
Subject: Re: Re -- Arlyne Krum membership and newsletter

Profuse apologies....I confused you with a society in the States

We have not received further messages from Arlyne Krum. If other societies or organizations receive similar messages, please feel free to get in touch with the webmaster through the link at the foot of the home page. Any further information will be added to this page.

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