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Work in Progress

This page lists brief details of scholarly and critical work planned or in progress about W. H. Auden. If you wish to have your plans mentioned here, kindly write to the webmaster at the address that you can find at the foot of the home page of this site. Please specify whether you wish your e-mail or other address to be posted.


Stan Smith, author of W H Auden (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1985) and W. H. Auden (Plymouth: Northcote House in association with the British Council, 1997), and of many essays and articles on Auden, is currently preparing a variorum edition of The Orators for the W. H. Auden: Critical Editions series. He is also completing a monograph provisionally entitled Ruined Boys: Eliot, Auden & Co and the Lineages of Modernism. Stan Smith is Research professor in Literary Studies at the Nottingham Trent University, and may be reached at stan.smith@ntu.ac.uk

W. H. Auden. The Double Man. Edited by Nicholas Jenkins. Critical edition (with introduction and explanatory notes) of the first book Auden wrote entirely in the United States. The editor may be reached at njenkins@leland.stanford.edu.

Karl Aspelund is preparing an annotated translation of Letters from Iceland into Icelandic. He can be contacted at aspelund@etal.uri.edu.

Critical studies

James Womack completed in 2006 a doctoral thesis at the University of Oxford on W. H. Auden and translation,  titled "Spectacles for the Weaksighted; Braille for the Blind: Problems of Ideology in the Translations of W.H. Auden." He is currently teaching at the University of Cambridge, and developing this thesis into a book.

Martin Hurley is writing a dissertation titled "'And the word was made flesh' : Anthropomorphism in the Poetry of W. H. Auden", at the University Of South Africa. He would be grateful to learn why no one has written at length about this subject before, and may be reached at Hurley_ma@jic.edu.sa.

Douglas Brown has completed a dissertation at the University of Montreal titled "Wandering Lost: Searching for the End in Auden and Isherwood's 'Journey to a War'" (defended May 2007) and presente a chapter at the 2007 conference of the Chinese Studies Association of Australia. He may be reached at dobro@johnabbott.qc.ca.

Nicholas Jenkins. The Island: W. H. Auden and the Making of Post-National Poetry. To be published by Harvard University Press. The author may be reached at njenkins@leland.stanford.edu.

Jo-Anne Cappeluti. Making Nothing Happen: W. H. Auden as a Romantic Poet. The author may be reached at jcappeluti@fullerton.edu.

Wystan Hugh Auden: A Poetical Study. By Rehan Ahmad Qayoom. The author may be reached at rqayoom@lineone.net.

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