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W. H. Auden's Revising Process, by Y. S. Yamada

A note by Edward Mendelson

W. H Auden's Revising Process, by Yoshinari S. Yamada, is the general title of a series of eleven articles published between 1974 and 1990 in the Annual Report of the Faculty of Education, Iwate University. The articles present in great detail the revisions in Auden's books of shorter poems.

These articles have now (2010) been posted in PDF format on the web site of Iwate University. I have combined the eleven separate PDFs into a single 14MB file, downloadable from this site, and have scanned and inserted a few pages that were accidentally omitted from the copies on the Iwate University web site. The resulting PDF was then opened and processed in a separate optical-character-reading program to create a file that allows for more-accurate searching than the original did.

I strongly recommend that you right-click (or secondary-button-click) this download link and select Save to ... or some similar item and save the PDF file to disk instead of opening it directly in your web browser.

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